Sunday, September 6, 2009

Koleman's first BB gun

Our men's dove hunt at church was this weekend, and Khris took Koleman for the first time. Of course he didn't get any pictures, but he said Koleman was so funny! They didn't shoot any birds because everytime Koleman saw one he'd yell and point with flailing arms, "There's one daddy!" Or, Khris would look over and he'd be off shooting a cactus or a tree...LOL!!! So funny!!

But, I do have some pictures of his first shots with his new BB gun. Khris sat him down in the living room to make their list of what they needed to bring and said, "OK, son, what's the most important thing we need for hunting?"
Koleman: "A gun!"
Khris: "Well, I've got my gun, where's yours?"
Koleman looked like he was about to cry, "I use your Wed Widuh BB gun"
Khris: "No, that's my gun...go check the gun case for YOUR gun"
(Khris had the unopenned box sitting in front of the gun case.)
Of course his eyes were very wide and he was very excited!! So here's his first shots: