Monday, January 10, 2011


During this past holiday season, I found myself MAKING memories rather than spending time scrapbooking them. The older my children get, the more I just want to spend time with them as much as I can. It's not as fun to sit in my chair and scrapbook, when we could be laughing and playing together. So, as a result, I only finished 2 spreads for my scrapbook during the entire holiday. It was fun to document Summer memories, sitting by the fire!

I'm very behind, so these first 2 pages were from way back in June. Our friends, John and Jill Holland, took us to Maui with them on vacation! It was such a wonderful get-away for the 2 of us, but my children had a wonderful time as well! They spent the week with my parents in Abilene. Mamaw and Papaw always have so many fun things planned for them! During this visit, they went to the park, played in Papaw's hammocks, cooked, played dress-up, played games, built things, went swimming, saw Toy Story 3 at the movies and just had all kinds of fun!

After that, I was working on a page about our Book Club. LOL!! Yeah - that was my brilliant idea this Summer to have a Mother-Daughter book club and read "Anne of Green Gables". Somehow, I forgot that Summers are CRAZY!! We ended up only being able to have ONE meeting! :) But that one meeting was very fun and ended up being a great play-date for the girls during the lazy days of Summer!

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