Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning...a little early

I told the kids that since we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, yesterday was going to be spring cleaning...to which Kensey replied, "It's not Spring, it's Winter!" Tomato, tomahto girl....we're cleanin' this PIT!!!

So, we cranked up the Radio Disney...because that's the only way to motivate Kennedy kids...dancin' while we work!

Can I just say that I did not realize my son had that many fish hooks?? I found fish hooks in his "special" drawer, his sock drawer, Karis' doll house (??!!??), under the bean bags where they play Wii, even in his underwear drawer! (Wouldn't that hurt??! I mean seriously!!)

And, I realized my precious Karis Danae is a hoarder! Her mother is as anal retentive about cleanliness and decluttering as they come and she is an absolute, certifiable hoarder! What in the world?! I had to keep sending her downstairs to put stuff away so I could throw all her "creations" away! We really don't need to keep every drawing you've ever done sweetie!! And, she used an entire roll of tape on all the stuff she had taped on the walls! Really?! Quit taping stuff to my walls!!!! And...when I said "organize your dress-up clothes", I did not mean put the stuff that is preventing you from closing the lid between the box and the wall so I cannot see it!!
It is no surprise that we are missing the match to 3 pairs of shoes!! This child needs help!! How am I supposed to train her to keep her own house clean when she's grown?? I do not want to see her on some reality TV show seeking help from a professional! I am a professional organizer! I owned my own organizing business!! C'mon girl!!

And then there's the ever-independent Kensey...who decluttered her entire room on her own. And even though, when she proudly displayed her work, I found several things I would have done differently...I held my tongue and said, "Great job Sugarbear!!" (Small victories people...I was a little worn out from Karis' room.)

And so it was time for the 4 of us to head downstairs and try to put the laundry away that we had kept going throughout the day...oh but wait...WHAT IS STUCK TO KENSEY'S SWEATER?! Is that gum?! NO...it's silly putty!! And before I could yell at the usual suspect...Koleman, Karis sheepishly says, "I didn't mean to! I forgot!" AUGH!!! Well, you girls start hanging up your clothes while I remove this silly putty with this stinky Goof -off stuff! (awesome...rassum-frassum piece of monkey smack...I was muttering under my breath.)

Thankfully, Daddy came home from work and offered to make his fantastic spaghetti for dinner. I adore that man!!!! So I took off for my walk/run...cranked up the music...and let the stress sweat off of me. Glorious!

And I woke up this morning to a beautiful, decluttered home :)
The End...oh wait...I have to cook and clean today...again...like 3 times...(sigh)

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