Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a glorious Day!

I absolutely LOVE the body of Christ God has blessed us with!

This morning, the girls and I were able to serve in the nursery. We were in charge of the 3 year olds. They were so incredibly cute! I loved greeting them, singing "Deep and Wide" with them, doing puzzles and coloring. It was so fun to watch the excitement on their faces as I told them the story of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and the Spirit descending on him like a dove and God SPEAKING! It was hilarious to watch the horror on their little faces when I explained that baptizing meant they had to put their faces under water. And to watch their eyes get huge when I said God spoke from the sky! Little Daniel Morgan was pointing to the ceiling and excitedly saying, "da sky, wain falling from da sky!" (It was raining this morning.) And then when I told them God said, "This is my Son in whom I am well-pleased!" They got confused. So I asked them what "well-pleased" meant and little Tanner Lewis said "I don't know." So I said, "Has your Daddy ever said, 'I am SO proud of you!' ?" And ALL their little faces lit up. (I love that! Good job Daddys!!) Little Grayson Owens said, "That means he loves me!" You're SO right, my friend! So we talked about how God basically said, "This is my Son and I am so proud of Him!" (What an awesome thought, by the way!) Anyway, we tried to keep "dove" feathers off the floor by blowing them, and we made some dove. It was so fun!!

THEN, we cam home and had the delicious pot roast Karis and Rose Hendley made for us last night. Oh man! It was delicious!! I love that Karis loves to cook!!!

It began to snow as we ate our lunch and of course the kids were ecstatic about the first snow of the season. I LOVE that people began to message each other so we could all play in the snow together.

My husband was, of course, the target of MANY snowballs. But, he is such a good sport!!
And now, I'm sitting here in my fluffiest, coziest jammy pants...a fire in the fire family all around! Seriously?! What an absolutely glorious day!!!

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Terry said...

hello there kennedy krew...i am saying hi from snowy southern ontario!
reading this exciting post of yours has made me really homesick to be teaching sunday school again.
i had the three and four year old boys and girls and loved every moment of it...teaching them?..naw, THEY were the ones that so many times taught ME!
that little grayson and daniel sound like my type of kids!
for sure and what a glorious day you all had!...your cup was full and running over, eh?
god bless you all....from terry